Unified Google Pay Android App Launching Today

The Google Pay app meant to serve as a unified rebranding of Android Pay and Google Wallet is officially rolling out to eligible devices as of today, the Alphabet-owned company confirmed. Originally announced early last month, the new brand is primarily intended to streamline the firm’s existing portfolio and provide users with a comprehensive hub for both peer-to-peer transactions and mobile payments. The first step in that rebranding endeavor is the release of the Google Pay app that still doesn’t support all of the combined features of the two services that are now meant to be discontinued; the tool is being released as an Android Pay update, whereas the Google Wallet app is temporarily being rebranded into Google Play Send and has been redesigned to a degree in order to offer an experience that’s more in line with the company’s new flagship payment solution.

Users in the United States and the United Kingdom will be able to take advantage of Google Pay-enabled peer-to-peer payments several months from now, according to the company. It’s presently unclear why the Google Wallet app hasn’t been immediately integrated into the rebranded service, though the development has likely been caused by various technical obstacles to the transition, prompting Google to opt for a more gradual unification process. Android Pay users shouldn’t need long to get accustomed to the new app, the tech giant claims, adding that all of the features supported by its previous solution are still part of the revised package that’s just as straightforward and secure as before.

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The home screen of the new Google Pay app shows a personalized list of stores that accept the service, in addition to providing tips for using the platform and showing a history of recent purchases. This particular interface is likely to be ennobled with the addition of Google Wallet’s functionalities later this year, though it remains to be seen whether the app will be able to display separate transaction histories depending on whether you were paying for something or simply sending money to a friend or family member. The rebranded version of Android Pay can be downloaded in supported countries by referring to the Google Play Store banner below.

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