56555 Verizon Lowers "Unlimited" Plan Prices But Makes Choosing A Plan Harder

Verizon Lowers “Unlimited” Plan Prices But Makes Choosing A Plan Harder

Verizon has made some interesting changes to its wireless price plans today and the takeaway is that they are now cheaper.

These changes are interesting due to them being a little more confusing than they need to be. Therefore, if you are interested in switching carriers to Verizon then you are simply best off heading to the company’s website to try to digest the changes yourself and see which plan, and plan within a plan, is best-suited to you.


To attempt to explain, right now Verizon has three main plans for you to choose from – “Above Unlimited,” “Beyond Unlimited” and “Go Unlimited.” From August 5 those three plans become four known as “Get More Unlimited,” “Do More Unlimited,” “Play More Unlimited” and “Start Unlimited.”

The main point to focus on is that these plans are all now cheaper than the current ones. For example, the Get More Unlimited is equivalent to Above Unlimited and while a family of four would have previously been paying $60 per month per line, with the new plan they’ll pay $55 per month per line.


In fact, adding to the confusion, there’s also now a fifth line option that’s available with each of these plans and this sub-option brings the cost down further. For example, on Get More Unlimited, a family of five will only be paying $50 per month per line.

The same overall change is in effect with the other plans so the current entry-level Go Unlimited plan which would cost a family of four $40 per month per line becomes $35 per month per line under the new Start Unlimited plan – or drops down to $30 per month if opting for the five-line version of the plan.


These price reductions appear to affect all line options within a plan as well so anyone just wanting to sign up for a one-line package and expect their bill to be on average $5 cheaper when subscribed to the new plan compared to an equivalent current Verizon plan.

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Then there’s the two new plans that are sandwiched in between the top and entry-level plans which presumably are both meant to replace the Beyond Unlimited plan. However, understanding the difference between these two mid-level plans is easier said than done. Especially considering there does not appear to be any price difference between them.


Verizon markets the current Beyond plan as one “for streamers who want more” and as an example charges a family of four $50 per month per line. When it comes to both of the new plans (Do More and Play More), the price for a four-line plan comes in at $45 per month per line.

Both plans seem to offer a fairly equal experience and level of benefits although if one was going to be considered the more “streamer” plan then it would probably be Play More. Besides the name suggesting it is a media-based plan Play More caps streaming over 4G at 720p. This is compared to the “DVD” (480p) cap that’s in effect with the Do More option. Although an argument can just as easily be made for the other way as data matters when streaming and the Do More plan comes with twice the amount of “premium data” as the Play More plan.


Speaking of the ‘premium data,’ that along with some of the other finer prints is likely to remain a concern for some consumers. As while the plan prices and names have changed, the one common theme throughout the new and old plans is Verizon’s use of “unlimited.” This is in spite of the unlikelihood that Verizon’s definition of ‘unlimited’ matches up with that of many consumers.

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This is due to all of these plans having some form of limitation placed on them. In terms of the premium data (before you might be throttled) cap, the new Get More plan limit is 75GB, Do More’s is 50GB, and Play More’s is 25GB. Start Unlimited has no protections in this sense.


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