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Video Shows Fortnite For Android On Samsung’s Galaxy S9 Plus

The video below showcases the Fortnite on Android experience. The video has come about via XDA-Developers, who were able to gain access to the APK, and install it after bypassing the various hurdles that were in the way, such as device authentication requirements. In addition to the video which showcases the level of experience interested users can expect, XDA-Developers noted the game ran smooth, issue-free and even at the highest quality settings when tested on a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus.

The device in use here is important to note as rumor has it Fortnite will arrive on Android as an exclusive to Samsung to coincide with the Galaxy Note 9 launch – due to take place tomorrow. If the rumors are correct, then not only will Fortnite be exclusive to the Galaxy Note 9 for the first thirty days, but it may also remain a Samsung exclusive in general for as long as another 120 days. Essentially, it will be made available to other Samsung-branded devices, such as the Galaxy S9 Plus shown in the video below. What is also of interest is the contributors here were also able to get the APK working on other devices including the Google Pixel 2 XL. Game footage was not shown on this device but the suggestion is with some tweaking the APK might be usable on non-Samsung devices prior to its proper Android launch, though it will still seek integration with Samsung’s Galaxy Apps store. Access through the APK might also be possible on rooted Android devices, although this remains a little inconclusive at the moment considering the contributors were able to get it working on some rooted phones, but not others.

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Of course, with the Galaxy Note 9 set to be unveiled in a matter of hours the uncertainty around the availability of Fortnite is also expected to come to ahead. Due to a reported agreement between Samsung and Epic Games, it is expected Fortnite will be showcased during the Galaxy Note 9 launch event, along with firm details on additional promotions and in-game benefits that will be available to those who pre-order Samsung’s latest S Pen-touting smartphone. In the meantime, those keen on seeing how Fortnite looks and runs on a Galaxy S9 Plus, check out the video below.

Video Shows Fortnite For Android On Samsung’s Galaxy S9 Plus

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