158071 Watch Conan O'Brien play Starfield because you deserve to laugh

Watch Conan O’Brien play Starfield because you deserve to laugh

During his time as a late-night TV show host Conan O’Brien had a segment called Clueless Gamer and it was one of the funniest parts of the show, and he’s brought it back to showcase Starfield. Bethesda’s recently launched sprawling space epic is already good when you’re the one holding the controller. Thanks in no small part to the hilarious nature of some of the bugs and just the general flow of the way some of the NPC characters act. But there’s something about watching Conan take the game for a spin that really sets things off.

Worth noting is that the latest Starfield Clueless Gamer segment with Conan appears to be in partnership with Samsung and Xbox Game Pass. As Conan and his trusty gaming companion Aaron Blair play Starfield through Game Pass on a Samsung Neo QLED TV. This TV from Samsung and others of course have Samsung Gaming Hub on it. Which is where you access the Xbox Game Pass app to play games in the cloud. It’s most definitely intended to be an ad for Samsung TVs with Samsung Gaming Hub.


But that doesn’t take away from how great the segment is. As it still plays out the same as any other Clueless Gamer would.

Conan plays Starfield on ‘Clueless Gamer’ powered by Samsung

If you have a Samsung TV and a subscription to Xbox Game Pass, you should be trying out the service. As it’s a great way to play games without a console. And if you haven’t played Starfield yet this is also a great way to get into it. Since you just pay for the Game Pass subscription and playing Starfield won’t cost anything above the Game Pass subscription fee.

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You do need to have a compatible controller. And the standard Xbox wireless controller works just fine for that since Samsung TVs support those controllers. If you feel like giving yourself a much needed laugh heading into the weekend you can check out the full Clueless Gamer episode below.

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