31312 We Need to Talk About Jadis’ Artwork in ‘The Walking Dead’
We Need to Talk About Jadis’ Artwork in ‘The Walking Dead’

We Need to Talk About Jadis’ Artwork in ‘The Walking Dead’

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SPOILER ALERT: This post contains spoilers from The Walking Dead Season 8, Episode 10 titled “The Lost and the Plunderers.” Proceed with caution.

The Walking Dead doesn’t mess around. Losing Carl in Season 8 Episode 9 wasn’t easy for fans, but it was time to close one arc so another could begin. And what better time to start telling new stories than the middle of a season? As everything burned behind Carl, Rick, and Michonne in the mid-season premiere, new stories were seeded to grow and become a new chapter.

Thanks to Jadis and Simon, the latest developments were also the most shocking moments of Season 8 Episode 10, “The Lost and the Plunderers.”

Jadis Says

It’s been a while since we were intimate with Jadis. Back in Season 8 Episode 7, “Time For After”, we all scratched our heads at Jadis painting in the nude, taking NSFW Rick pics. Since then, we’ve watched her double cross both Rick and Negan while speaking in weird pidgin english devoid of pronouns, quietly wishing she’d just STFU and help Rick beat The Saviors. But Jadis had a different idea of what success looked like for The Scavengers, and it didn’t include saving their lives.

It did, however, include a meat grinder.

After Simon murdered her entire colony and they turned to zombie, Jadis lured them all to a giant meat grinder and turned them all into mush on a conveyer belt.

Before pulverizing her new zombie colony, Jadis explained the origin of The Scavengers to Rick and Michonne while wearing a white dress, splattered in blood.

I used to come here to find things to paint on. Metal sheets. Fabrics. And then after everything changed, I realized this whole place was a canvas – but we were the paint. We could create something new. We could become something new. We did. This was our world, apart from everyone else, in every way. — Jadis

If post-apocalyptic leaders are opportunistic colonizers, Jadis was certainly the most creative. More importantly, Jadis started speaking in complete sentences for the first time, making this the most shocking moment of the episode.

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Meanwhile, The Whisperers have been rumored to be making an appearance in The Walking Dead TV Series. Left alone to her own vices, this shocking plot twist may have just set the stage for Jadis to create and lead them.

Was this episode our last glimpse of Jadis, or are her complete sentences indicative of her next art project?

Idiots Rule

Simon has always had crazy eyes, but his allegiance to Negan always seemed to keep his loco in check. At every turn, Simon appeared to be Negan’s best Lieutenant. A lawful evil character in nature, Simon was scary because he did what he was told without asking why. Turns out that was fake news. Simon showed his true colors in Season 8 Episode 10 and went full Chaotic Evil.

Simon is a natural born killer, and he clearly doesn’t worry about following the leader.

Will he lead a coup within The Saviors to oust Negan, or will Negan set him up on a Tinder date with Lucille? Let’s hope for the latter, because Simon is scary af right now.

Negan, Just Admit It

It was bound to happen. While Simon went full evil, Negan went full lovable and fans don’t want him to die. Ever. When Rick told Negan that Carl is dead and left him a note, Negan’s backstory became more relevant than ever. Like a teacher who lost a student too soon, Negan is clearly heartbroken, and now we’re all crying with him.

Rick’s obsession with killing Negan is no longer his best source of power. It might be time to follow a different path, and consider Carl’s advice to stop fighting with Negan. Is Rick too consumed with vengeance to give peace with Negan a chance?

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Ocean Size

Although it was the biggest snoozer of the entire episode, the ladies of Oceanside decided not to kill Enid, and we’re proud of them for making the right decision, so she can read the letter Carl left for her.

How will Enid react when she finds out about Carl?

You Win Or You Die

Ultimately, The Walking Dead Season 8 seems to have gone full Game of Thrones, with a twist. For many seasons now, members of colonies wind up dead en masse after poor decisions by leadership, but the leader is usually left standing – forever changed. Each leader rules their colony with a different governing philosophy, and believes they have done everything humanly possible to protect their people from flesh eating zombies and evildoer humans.

But with Simon making moves and Negan making us all cry, who are the leaders now? Is Jadis the Mother of Whisperers? Is Simon the new Ramsay Bolton of The Sanctuary? What about Negan – is he more like Jamie Lannister or Jon Snow ? Either way, there’s a battle amongst leaders which continues to end in the deaths of the people who trust them. Fans can only hope a leader with good character alignment wins long enough to keep Carl’s dream of peace alive in Alexandria before Jadis returns with The Whisperers in tow.

What did you think of the latest episode of The Walking Dead? Do you think Jadis is the new Mother of Whisperers? Let us know @getfandom on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram .

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