WeBond Inc. Launches Call-Capable Track’n’Play Smartwatch

A wearables company called WeBond Inc. has now officially launched its first product, the Track’n’Play Gen III GPS smartwatch. As its name probably suggests, this isn’t mean for the adults, however. Instead, the Track’n’Play is aimed at helping parents and their children stay in contact, as well as providing some peace of mind for the parents. This is also not a typical wearable but acts as a smartwatch, a phone, a tracking device, and two-way communications center rolled into one wrist-borne platform. Looking at the provided images of Track’n’Play, any parent buying one for a teenager is likely to be met with a degree of hostility. That’s probably even warranted, given that there are more age-appropriate solutions for parents of teens out there. However, WeBond’s solution seems perfectly suited for younger children.

Among the key features of the Track’n’Play, is its ability to send and receive calls. That means that, from the parent’s mobile application, a child can be contacted at any time whether that’s just to check in or to call home for dinner. That two-way communications setup, enabled by a built-in SIM card and a year of free service included, also allows the device’s wearer to quickly make an emergency call to his or her parents with a quick touch of the Track’n’Play’s SOS button. Meanwhile, if the call from the smartphone is missed by the wearable, Track’n’Play will automatically call the phone back – as long as the watch is in sleep mode – after 30 seconds. That gives parents the ability to listen in to what is happening in their child’s immediate surroundings, effectively letting them know whether everything’s okay. Aside from direct phone calls, the smartwatch can also be used to communicate via text messages, chat, or voice messages. On the tracking side of the equation, WeBond claims the watch has a high rate of precision with regard to location tracking. Parents simply access the application to see where their child is. Moreover, parents are able to set location-based boundaries, effectively creating a geofence for their child, and will receive alerts if those are crossed. Finally, the watch features a built-in pedometer, scheduling application, and a calculator, in addition to being water resistant.

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Each of those features is backed up by a claimed battery life of 24 hours and a standby life of 3 days. So parents don’t need to worry about the watch’s battery dying if their child goes to the park for a couple of hours. Meanwhile, the Track’n’Play Gen III GPS smartwatch comes in four colors including Begonia Pink, Coral Blue, Obsidian Black, and Resin Amber. It’s also on sale right now for only $99 through the official website – accessible via the source link below – down from its retail cost of $139.99. That’s substantially less expensive than some competing devices, so anybody interested will probably want to go check it out for themselves.

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