Webzen Adds Clan Battle Royale To MU Origin In 9.0 Update

As MMOs go, few are as recognizable as the big players on console and PC like World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV, and Elder Scrolls Online, but mobile MMOs are plentiful and one of the longer-running MMOs for smartphones in recent years has been MU Origin, which just recently launched its 9.0 version update that adds in a clan-based battle royale mode for players to sink their teeth into.

If you thought battle royale was limited to games like first-person and third-person shooters, well you’d be wrong. Let’s not forget the unholy mashup of battle royale and Flappy Bird called Flappy Royale. Yes, battle royale now exists in MMOs too thanks to Webzen, and in this mode players are grouped up with clan members to fight against other clans for supremacy and to see who can be the last clan standing.

According to Webzen the clan battles will be all-server, meaning you can be matched up with clans from the entire server. This isn’t a server-scale battle though. You’ll be matched up with up to two other clans for a three clans total, which is still a lot of players.

Clan battles are also taking place on specific days. Clan Battle Royale will happen on Mondays and Thursdays and will be a 30-minute affair. The times for the battles will be 21:30 and 22:00. You’ll want to check your local server times to be sure when that is exactly for your region, though the game will surely notify you the days of the events too.

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As it’s not an “every man for himself” type of situation this mode might be a bit easier to contend with seeing as you’ll have teammates to pair up with for battles. Of course Clan Battle Royale isn’t the only new part of the 9.0 content update, it’s merely one of the features that stands out.

In addition to the large group-based clan battle royale matches MU Origin also now offers a mode called Devilish Treasure, which is also a clan-based PvP mode where clans will battle it out across five rounds until there is one winner, which gets to reap the rewards. Webzen states that there will be new challenges each time so it sounds like Devilish Treasure will have some variety in regards to the content. This will take place at the same time as Clan Battle Royale but will happen on Tuesdays and Fridays instead.

Marking this new update as a truly clan-centric patch, MU Origin’s 9.0 update also introduces clan-based content called Clan Chase, Clan Pet, Hall of Clan, and Clan Activity Points. Clan Pet will be as it sounds and offer clan battles where players can use pets to do the fighting, which sounds like WoW’s Pet Battle system on a somewhat larger scale, while Hall of Clan is essentially a ranking system for top clans based on who well they’re doing in clan-based PvP content.

With Clan Chase, instead of a normal battle between clans, a monster will spawn on the map and the first player to kill it then turns into the monster and can now hunt down all other players. In turn players can hunt down the monster and the first person to kill the monster player will then take over the transformation while the previous monster player returns to the battlefield as their normal character.

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Of note is that while the 9.0 update is now live, only Clan Battle Royale seems to be live with it. Clan Chase, Clan Pet, and Devilish Treasure are all going live on July 15 so players will need to wait a few more days to test these modes of play out.

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