What Are Domino’s Powers in ‘Deadpool 2’?

Everyone’s favorite “Merc with a mouth” is back and this time he’s not alone. Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) is assembling an X-Force of his own, which includes Atlanta actress Zazie Beetz. Beetz is playing Domino, one of the new characters in the Deadpool sequel. So what exactly are Domino’s powers in Deadpool 2?

Who Is Domino?

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Before we get into her powers, let’s take a look at her backstory. In the comics, Neena Thurman was taken as a baby and given genetic enhancements as part of Project Armageddon. Her biological parents rescued her and she grew up to become a mercenary. The first team she joined was Six Pack. Six Pack was a mercenary team led by Cable — the character Josh Brolin is playing in Deadpool 2.

After Six Pack, Domino and Cable both joined X-Force. During that time, Domino was actually abducted and replaced with a mutant shapeshifter named Copycat. Here’s where Domino’s comic book backstory gets interesting. In the comics, Copycat’s real name is Vanessa Carlysle. In Deadpool, Vanessa is played by Morena Baccarin. So does that mean the love of Wade’s life, Vanessa, could secretly be a mutant? And will she replace Domino at some point? We’ll have to wait and see.

What Are Domino’s Powers?

Let’s jump into Domino’s powers. The genetic experiments Project Armeggedon performed on her as a child left her with a form of telekinesis, specifically the ability to generate fields of “good luck.” Think of her as the Marvel counterpart to the DC character Hazard. Both Domino and Hazard can manipulate probability, which makes it seem like they have really good luck.

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Domino’s powers are always turned on, but she has to actively engage with them to work. She also has advanced military training, which makes her an expert marksman and a skilled combat warrior. Based on the trailer for Deadpool 2, which is linked above, we also know that she is an agile motorcyclist.

The question remains: will she be a friend, foe, or someone looking to change Deadpool’s luck?

Deadpool 2 hits theaters May 18th, 2018.

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