157983 WhatsApp is still working on email verification, don't worry

WhatsApp is still working on email verification, don’t worry

Any person who uses WhatsApp should know the struggle with using the service across different devices. You’re not able to simply sign in using an email or username; however, that’s set to change. According to a new report, WhatsApp is working on bringing email verification.

People have used WhatsApp for years, and they’ve dealt with the company’s sign-up process. You use your phone number when making a new account. This means that if you switch to a new number, you will lose access to all of your chats and files.


Despite this, WhatsApp has pretty much been at the top of the messaging platform game for some time. With other companies offering strong competition like Google and Telegram, WhatsApp is going to need to fix this issue in order to stay competitive.

WhatsApp is working on email verification

While the company is working on bringing this feature to the public, it’s still a while away. The feature for email verification was found in the beta version of the app (version Even then, it’s not showing up for all beta testers. so, the company is only testing it on a limited number of testers.

If you’re lucky enough to have the feature, you’ll find it by going to your settings and going to the Account page. In the email section, you’ll see the email setup screen. You’ll enter your email address. After that, we’re sure WhatsApp will send a verification email to the address prompting you to verify your address.

WhatsApp email verification

In the screenshot, we see that the address entered is still pending verification. So, you’ll see that until you verify your email address.

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Another thing to note is that your email address won’t be visible to other people on the app. This is for people who want to maintain their privacy. This way, your email isn’t visible to random people who happen to use the app.

Right now, we don’t know when WhatsApp plans to release this to the stable channel. However, it’s nice to see that the company is making steps in the right direction.

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