When Does ‘Supergirl’ Return in 2018?

When The CW’s superhero line up returned in January of 2018, you may have noticed that Supergirl was part of that line up and Legends of Tomorrow was not. Maybe you watched a few Supergirl episodes and assumed the show would be airing every Monday without further interruption. Now Legends of Tomorrow seems to be airing in its place (if you’re in the US) — even if you like Legends of Tomorrow, you may be wondering — what happened to Supergirl?

Have no fear, the Girl of Steel will be back before you know it. She’s just rebuilding her strength to fight Reign and those pesky world killers. So, when exactly does Supergirl return? Let’s take a look at both US and UK dates below.

When Does Supergirl Return in the US?

Supergirl Return Season 3b

Supergirl will return to The CW on Monday, April 16th at 8PM. The show will resume after Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 wraps the week prior. The April 16th episode is cleverly titled,“Schott Through The Heart” and will feature guest star Laurie Metcalf. You may recognize Metcalf from shows like Roseanne, The Big Bang Theory and the Academy Award nominated film Lady Bird. Metcalf will play the mother of Winn Schott, Jeremy Jordan’s resident DEO techie.

When Supergirl returns, there shouldn’t be any more breaks until the Season 3 finale, which means episodes 14 through 23 should run without interruption. By the time the season finale gears up to air in May or even June, we should also know whether the show has been cancelled or renewed.

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When Does Supergirl Return in the UK?

Supergirl Return Season 3b

Supergirl returns to the UK on March 26th, 2018. While fans in the US got to watch the first four episodes of Season 3.5 (episodes 10 – 14), fans in the UK will have to wait just a little longer to find out what happened to Supergirl after Reign took her down in the winter finale.

If you recall, the winter finale aired in the UK on December 4th, making the break between episodes almost four months. That is a long time to wait. But, having seen the first few episodes of the remaining season, I can guarantee that the wait will be worth it. You have the Legion of Superheroes to look forward to, Brianiac-5, and all-female team-up episode called “Fort Rozz” that packs quite the punch. Oh and mild spoiler alert, Lena gets a love interest.

Supergirl airs on Sky1 in the UK and on The CW in the US.

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