Which LEGO Marvel Avengers Minifigure Are You?

Hey, Marvel fans! How well do you know yourself? Sure, you probably know your favorite color, movie, and food. But that ignores some really important questions about your personality, like… Which member of the Avengers are you most like? Don’t worry. We’re here to help with that.

Take Fandom’s “Which LEGO® Marvel™ Avengers Minifigure Are You?” personality quiz and to get even more in touch with your inner hero, discover all the cool sets LEGO® Marvel™ Avengers has for you.

Evan Killham

Evan is a high-powered supernerd who is sprinkled across the internet like salt. His contributions have appeared at Screen Rant, Cult of Mac, and GamesBeat. When he isn’t writing, he plans projects he won’t have time to make and cultivates an affinity for terrible horror films.

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