Who Is Going to Win ‘The Bachelor’?


Well, Bachelor Nation, we did it! After wading through a sea of 300 ombre blondes at the start of Season 22, we’ve finally helped Arie Luyendyk Jr. narrow it down to the final two contestants — Lauren B. and Becca K.

After spending time in the fantasy suites with the final three ladies on this week’s episode, Arie told Lauren and Becca that he was in love with them and sent Kendall back to her taxidermy collection.

But now that our bachelor is in love with two different women, how will he decide who to propose to on the finale? As always, we’re here to help.

Lauren B.

the bachelor lauren b

While the rest of the world was mocking Lauren for being suffocatingly boring and silent on her dates, Arie was falling head over heels. Most viewers joked that their bland personalities were a perfect match, but whatever it is, Arie seemed smitten. When she first confessed she loved him during a European one-on-one, he had to leave the table because he was allegedly so overwhelmed with emotion. In Peru, he said he loved her back and they spent what one can only imagine was a very lifeless, G-rated night together in the fantasy suites. The problem, however, is Lauren has needed a lot of validation to calm her fears that he would leave her. Seeing as he’s dating two other women right in front of her, it’s understandable for her to feel insecure. But with her constantly in her head and planning for the worst, will Arie become tired of her neediness?

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Becca K.

the bachelor becca k

Becca landed the first date of the season back on Episode 2 but fell to the middle of the pack throughout the following weeks. She was finally able to reignite her spark with Arie in Europe and then got even closer to him during their hometown date in Minnesota. By the time they got to Peru, Arie felt confident enough in their relationship to tell Becca he loved her and they spent a romantic evening alone together in their fantasy suite, which was really just a tent with a candle in it. Things took a turn for the dramatic after Becca’s ex-boyfriend, Ross, crashed the party and tried to win her back. Arie seemed genuinely upset — a good confirmation of his feelings for her — but Becca sent Ross away and smoothed things over with her new man.

So Who Will Win?

After confessing his love to both women this week, it’s a toss-up as to who Arie will ultimately choose. But based on our scientific calculations, which just consist of watching the show and forming an opinion, we have to give it to Becca K. Despite connecting in the most vanilla of ways with Lauren B. the past few weeks, he ultimately looks a little dead in the eyes when he’s talking to her. And while that is sort of his signature look, he seems to genuinely light up when telling Becca he loves her. His feelings for the Minnesota native seem the most genuine of any that he’s shown all season. Plus, there’s the chance that he’s starting to find Lauren’s insecurities too much to deal with and, dare we say, maybe even a little boring?

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We’ll find out when the season finale of The Bachelor airs Monday, March 5 at 8 pm on ABC.

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