Why Are Some Mobile Games Far More Successful Than Others?

The mobile games industry is worth a staggering $63.2 billion a year, according to games industry news publication, GamesIndustry.biz. Games like Fortnite, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile, The Sims Mobile, and Pokemon GO have all struck big on iOS and Android, raking in billions of dollars of revenue from fans who are more than willing to spend big on these games.

These games are what every game developer hopes for. But by all means, reaching these lofty and lucrative heights isn’t easy, and this success isn’t an accident. Here are some of the reasons why some mobile games are far more successful than others.


A surefire way to turn players away from your mobile game is for it to have technical issues. If it gets stuck on the loading screen or is full of game-breaking bugs and glitches, then your players are unlikely to wait long for you to fix them. With thousands of apps available, they will just move to another, more technically sound alternative.

This is one of the reasons why optimization is important. Optimizing an app is tricky, especially when it’s a game with lots of moving parts or even when it’s an app that offers access to thousands of games like LeoVegas – King of Online Gaming. One of the reasons why the casino gaming app has been crowned as “the king” is because of how well each of its mobile slot and table games are optimized for mobile devices. They run smoothly and offer uninterrupted fun. Players don’t need to look for other games that run well because the ones they are already playing work as they are supposed to.

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For many mobile game developers, traditional marketing methods will be all that they know. This includes trailers that play before other videos, click ads that show up on websites or in other games, or promoted messages on social media. But mobile gaming isn’t a traditional sector; therefore, it requires a non-traditional method of marketing.

One of these methods is to look at influencers; people who will play a game in front of their player-base and encourage their fans to play your mobile game too. According to the business-focused publication, Forbes, influencers, specifically YouTubers, are more influential on the key target demographic of millennials than traditional celebs. It’s through partnerships with these content creators that many mobile games are able to succeed.


Focusing on building up and interacting with the community around your game can have many benefits. Many gamers enjoy interacting with the teams behind their favourite games; they want to know your motivations behind a new release or feature, as well as knowing that their feedback is being heard.

Admittedly, building a community can be tricky. Community creation and moderation platform, Disciple Media, says that it involves finding your fans on social media, building a PR strategy around community outreach, running “fun” fan events, and more. But it will be worth it, with those fans being willing to stick around and evangelize about your game to their friends.

It often seems like the difference between a successful and unsuccessful mobile game is virality. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Mobile game developers need to be business savvy in order to hit the big time.

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