Xbox One X 1TB Console $399 – Amazon Black Friday 2018 Deals

Amazon is taking $100 off of the Xbox One X 1TB Console, ahead of Black Friday. That actually matches the Black Friday prices that we will see later this week. So now you can pick up the Xbox One X a bit early, and still save big on it. The Xbox One X hasn’t really been discounted much since it was released last year – it did not drop for Black Friday either. So this is a really great deal on the Xbox One X, and the lowest price ever.

The Xbox One X is a mid-generation upgrade for the Xbox One, but it is also the most powerful console on the market right now. It has 12GB of RAM inside, as well as some really great graphics to boot. This is a 4K HDR console, so not only are you going to get some really great looking pictures while you are gaming, but also while you are watching content from different apps available on Xbox, like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and much more. If you have a gamer on your list this holiday season, then this is a great option to pick up. You can pick up the Xbox One X 1TB Console from Amazon using the link down below.

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