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Xiaomi Now Offers ‘Express Delivery’ For Purchases In India

Xiaomi is now offering an ‘Express Delivery’ service for purchases in India, though at the moment it’s only offering this service in Bengaluru. For consumers in the supported region, Express Delivery should be an option both on the Mi.com website and through the Mi Store application that can be installed on smartphones within the region, but Express Delivery won’t be an option for the shipping for every single item that Xiaomi sells on its online web store, so consumers will want to make sure that this is an option before they attempt to proceed with the purchase and expect it to show up as quickly as this new service is boasting.

According to the report Xiaomi’s Express Delivery option will get items to customers who choose it within the same day they place the order, not too unlike consumers in some states in the U.S. get with Amazon. That said, users will need to either tap on the delivery options button within the app, or on the Express Delivery option from the order information section that comes up on the website after an order has been started but prior to the completion of the checkout.

In addition to offering same day delivery on a number of different items on Mi.com, the Express Delivery option is also reportedly a service that’s offered to consumers free of charge, meaning they won’t have to pay anything extra should they want their items sooner. While this is great for consumers so far, there are some caveats. Xiaomi doesn’t offer Express Delivery on Sundays, so orders would need to be placed on any other day during the week. It’s also only available for a handful of different items at the moment, which is said to include the Redmi Note 4, the Redmi 4, the Redmi Y1, the Redmi 5A, the Mi Max 2, and the Mi A1. This limits the faster delivery option to just a selection of Xiaomi’s more current smartphones, and not on anything else. Presumably, if the order contains one of these phones but other items as well, only the phone would be delivered within the single day as part of the Express Delivery, though this hasn’t been confirmed. At the moment there’s no word on whether Xiaomi plans to expand this option to other regions outside of India or even other locations inside India.

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Xiaomi Now Offers ‘Express Delivery’ For Purchases In India

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