You Can Buy The Sonos One For $149 Today

Today, you can take advantage of a Sonos One deal at Amazon that allows you to save $50 off of the regular price. Bringing the price down to just $149.

Seeing as Sonos products rarely ever get discounted, this is a great time to pick up a Sonos One.

The Sonos One is a smart speaker that supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Which is pretty impressive, considering many smart speakers do not support more than one digital assistant. But with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant available, you can choose whichever assistant you want to use with your speaker.


Sonos One is a really good looking speaker. It comes in black or white and is essentially a cube. It’s actually pretty heavy, but this is because it does have some really good sounding audio.

Inside the Sonos One, there’s a pretty large woofer. Which is going to offer up some really good bass, and then there is some really good mids and highs too.

Of course, the big selling point of Sonos speakers is the multi-room functionality. Allowing you to play the same music or audio on multiple speakers in your house, all wirelessly. So you can pick up a couple of Sonos One speakers to put in your home and play the same music on them and there won’t be any lag at all between them. Which is pretty impressive, to be honest.


And it means that you can also use these to setup a surround sound system with a Sonos Beam or even a PLAYBAR or PLAYBASE. Which is going to sound absolutely insane.

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You can take advantage of this deal on the Sonos One from Amazon by clicking here. This price isn’t going to last long, so you will want to pick one up before it is gone.

Sonos One – Amazon – $149


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