132190 You can get 6 Months of Spotify Premium for Free

You can get 6 Months of Spotify Premium for Free

Here’s an easy way that you can get six months of Spotify Premium for free.

If you sign up for Walmart Plus today, you can get six months of Spotify Premium for free. Walmart Plus costs you $12.95 per month, or $98 for the entire year. This is basically Walmart’s version of Amazon Prime. Allowing you to get free unlimited shipping. Among other things like free delivery, cheaper gas, and much more. It’s actually really worth the $98 yearly price.

So how you can actually get Spotify for free? Well, hit this link. Then tap on the “Get Spotify Premium” button, it’ll be a big blue button in the middle. You’ll go through the sign up process of signing up for Walmart Plus. Then you’ll need to head over to Spotify and sign up for their premium plan.


There is a caveat here with this deal, only new Spotify customers can take advantage of this. So if you have Spotify Premium already, you won’t be able to get six months for free. Now you could create a new account and get six months free, but you’d lose your history of music, your playlists and all of your recommendations. It may not be worth it for a lot of people.

Spotify is a really great streaming music service for a lot of people. It normally costs $9.99 per month and gives you unlimited access to its music. You can get unlimited skips on playlists and radio stations. It also has really intuitive and impressive recommendations and curated playlists. It has many playlists that are made just for you, which are updated daily and weekly. Not to mention Spotify Wrapped, which tells you what your favorite songs of the year were, and makes it into an entire playlist too.

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You can sign up for Walmart Plus and get Spotify Premium for free by clicking here.


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