60639 You Can Safely Remove The Pre-Installed Screen Protector On Galaxy S20
You Can Safely Remove The Pre-Installed Screen Protector On Galaxy S20

You Can Safely Remove The Pre-Installed Screen Protector On Galaxy S20

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The Samsung Galaxy S20 series does come with a screen protector built-in, and yes, you can remove it without damaging the phone.

Unlike the Galaxy Fold, the screen protector on the Galaxy S20 is not part of the display. So you can remove it, and nothing will happen to the display.

This year, the Galaxy S20 screen protector does not have a hole for the fingerprint sensor, which is nice. Though there is still a hole for the camera at the top of the screen. It’s actually one that you might want to keep installed on the Galaxy S20, to protect it. And given how much money you’re going to spend on the Galaxy S20, that’s a good thing.


Unlike foldables, you can still use a screen protector on Galaxy S20

With the Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung recommends not using a screen protector. This is because the screen protector can actually damage the display. Since it’s not your usual flat, glass display. The Galaxy Z Flip is glass, but barely.

However, the Galaxy S20 can use a screen protector. And it appears that Samsung has figured out a way to use a tempered glass screen protector (or a plastic one) on the Galaxy S20 and still use the fingerprint sensor.

Last year, with the Galaxy S10 and Note10 series, Samsung had to use a big hole in the lower part of the pre-installed screen protector so that users could still use the ultrasonic screen protector. That appears to not be the case this time around, as there is no hole in the pre-installed screen protector – other than for the camera at the top. That’s actually a pretty big deal, for those that do want to use screen protectors on their smartphone.


This is good news, as screen protectors will get nasty after a few months of use, and you’ll want to take it off and get a new one installed. And thankfully, you can get a new one for pretty cheap from Amazon.

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If you haven’t already picked up a new case for the Galaxy S20, then you’ll also want to do that. Especially if you are looking to get the Galaxy S20 Ultra, as that is a really big phone, and desperately needs a case. In fact, as soon as we took our review unit out of the box, we slapped it in a clear case.

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