You Can Still Get An Amazon Echo For $59

Amazon is still selling the Echo (third generation) for just $59.99. This deal gets you a savings of $40 from the Amazon Echo regular price, and makes it the perfect time to pick up a new smart speaker.

This sale was supposed to end a few weeks ago, but it looks like Amazon forgot to end it. Other retailers didn’t forget though!

The Amazon Echo is a full-sized smart speaker from Amazon. Which offers up some really good sounding audio. This is thanks to Dolby tuning the speaker, so you get the best sound possible out of this speaker. Making it actually useful as a speaker. Which is a big deal.


Additionally, the Amazon Echo is also boasting Amazon Alexa inside. With Alexa you can ask her questions, get the morning news headlines read to you, and much more. Alexa is also good for controlling your smart home devices with your voice. This includes your smart thermostat, smart lights and even your new robot vacuum.

Alexa is very useful, and it’s getting better every single day. Amazon is continuing to expand her capabilities and there are more skills available every single day. Which makes it a lot more useful for most people.

The Amazon Echo is a really great looking smart speaker to pick up too. It is wrapped in fabric, which makes it looks really great, without hurting the sound quality of the Echo. And it comes in a number of colors too. This twilight color looks really nice actually. With the blue fabric and the white top and bottom.


You can pick up the Amazon Echo (third generation) from Amazon in this deal today by clicking here. Remember that Amazon is not shipping out products that are not “essential” as fast these days, due to the global pandemic. So it might be longer than usual before you get your new Echo.

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Amazon Echo – Amazon – $59

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