An overview of the available smartphone Meizu M5

Brand Meizu is quite often a decent smartphone in a nice design and interesting price. For that he is loved not only in China, but also in Ukraine.

One of such interesting novelties model Meizu M5. It belongs to the budget class. At the same pleases not only the price tag but the look and skills, as well as battery life. This device is praised by all.

Today we offer you a review Meizu M5 – visually, Autonomous and Anoprienko smartphone.

Meizu M5- ДизайнDesign and ergonomics

Meizu M5- ЭргономикаMeizu M5 is a classic candybar with a touchscreen. The model uses high-quality polycarbonate: durable and wear-resistant. This manufacturer assured us. But if you do not want to risk, just wear the smartphone in a case.

Meizu M5-Экран

Screen Meizu M5 with a 2.5 D effect: the edges of the protective glass is a bit rounded, so it seems that the screen is convex. Not all state employees can it please

The apparatus is provided in five colors: classic black and white, Golden, and blue colors Tiffany. And black and gold variations are matte, while the rest is glossy.

Meizu M5-8 ДизайнEspecially cool looks Golden model: a combination of matte gold and copper back and the black front panel looks really cool.

Moreover, the color of the device quiet. It’s not glittering gold – and-La to “the rich”. Its luster is moderate and not evident. Such a device can surely be called a universal.

Meizu M5- Экран и Задняя панель

Meizu M5- Экран и Задняя панельMeizu M5-Экран, угол обзора

Meizu M5- ЭкранThe entire front side of the phone is rounded on the edges of the glass with high quality oleophobic coating. It is with a 2.5 D effect. However, modern smartphones this is not surprising. 2.5 D glass is already almost all Chinese devices in terms.

However, in old models, the Meizu M3 and M2, on which the novelty is very similar, the 2.5 D glass is not.

These models are very similar. Both are on Board MediaTek MT6750. But the diagonal of the screen Meizu M5 more – 5.2 per inch. The developers are confident that this is the Golden middle: five inches, as in M3, is not enough, the 5.5 – on the contrary, too much, but the 5.2 – at the time. As in the bestseller Meizu Pro 6. It is possible that its success determined the appearance of the M5.

Side okolicsanyi frame smartphone noticeable. But in the price range of subtle and barely noticeable, like a flagship, and not needed.

Meizu M5-Боковые рамки вокруг экранаOver a 5.2-inch screen is an earpiece, there frontalka with the light sensor and proximity.

Meizu M5-Механическая кнопка под экраномUnder the screen there are only “mechanics”. It is a multifunctional touch-manual button mTouch 2.1 which is integrated with a very sensitive fingerprint scanner. Section scanner settings located in the security settings.

Meizu M5-Фирменный сканер отпечатков пальцев mTouch 2.1And speed of work pleases. The fingerprint is read in a split second and recognized the first time.

The ergonomics of the traditional marginalia – as the other devices manufacturer: on the right are the power key and the volume control on the left – a place for SIM-card and memory card.

Meizu M5-Правая/Левая грань Эргономика

Meizu M5-Слот для SIMMeizu M5 densely filled the bottom face of the apparatus, while the upper – walks.

Meizu M5-Верхний торец ЭргономикаAt the bottom are the microphone and the main speaker, microUSB and AUX. Also a place for two screws was found.

Meizu M5-Разъем для зарядки Нижняя граньBack panel of the smartphone is smooth and without pronounced texture. Again, it’s polycarbonate. And he, by the way, is not inclined to collect the fingerprints of users, which, of course, written in the advantages of the model.

In addition, plastic is advantageous. Yes, metal gadgets found its user. Not even so – the army of users. And metal really is the perfect material for communication devices, however, are not cheap, unlike plastic.

Meizu M5- Задняя панельPlastic and metal unit with identical technical specifications and features can sometimes belong to different price categories (the only notable exception – affordable smartphone with a fingerprint scanner Meizu M3S). Because many, not wanting to pay for the metal, just plastic choose. Among the advantages in the absence of interference for antennas and comfort when used on the street, when streets are severe frosts. In General, the casing cools the hand.

Meizu M5-ЭкранThe upper part of the back side of the Meizu M5 contains lens rear camera and a two-tone led flash.

Meizu M5-Основная камераBelow this sweet couple, we see the logo of the manufacturer.

Below that, small labels, traditional for Meizu. Sticker with serial numbers can be removed.

Meizu M5-Задняя панельTo build quality no complaints: not seen no backlash, no creaking. Thanks to the slightly rounded edges the iPhone would be held, does not slip in the palm crashes.

Meizu M5- ЭргономикаMeizu M5-Эргономика

Meizu M5 - Основная камераAnd compact he – 147,3 x 72,8 x 8.2 mm and Weighs 138 grams.

Meizu M5-КорпусFive-inch Meizu M3 and Meizu M3s have 141.5 x 69,5 x 8.3 (132 grams) and 141,9 x 69,9 x 8.3 mm (138 grams), respectively.

Meizu M5- ДизайнScreen

Meizu M5- ЭкранThe smartphone has a 5.2-inch IPS display with HD resolution (1280 x 720 pixels, ~282 ppi). Yes, it is time to give the machine Full HD. In a time when more and more 4K devices, even this modest, but HD has its advantages. So, it saves battery power, and autonomy – it has always been important and always will be.

We know that today most of the users in the first place pays attention to how many lives the smartphone away from an outlet.

Multi – patially. In the price segment of the smartphone is standard.

Meizu M5-Цветопередача/МультитачViewing angles are wide: IPS-matrix, you know. Even with a large deviation from a straight natural color reproduction, contrast, changing almost imperceptibly.

Meizu M5-Углы обзора экранаHowever, the color black angle falls blue that IPS technology is not surprising, unlike AMOLED. Note the uniformity of illumination.

Meizu M5- Черный цвет Тест экрана

Meizu M5- Черный цвет Тест экранаWhite color is most natural, there are no shades.

Meizu M5-Белый цвет

Meizu M5- Белый цветThe screen has a wide range of brightness. Maximum enough to read from it in a fine day, the minimum is not blinding in the dark.

Meizu M5- ЭкранBut chip model is a reading mode in which the image warmer and reduces eye strain.

The contrast is at a high level. The color temperature is too high to cold shades.

Meizu M5-Цветовая температураIt is adjusted in the settings screen.

Meizu M5-Цветовой диапазон

Color range deviates from the triangle RGB only in the area of green hues. And the error is small.

Meizu M5- ЭкранHardware platform and performance

Meizu M5-Задняя панельThe smartphone is SoC MediaTek MT6750 on eight cores. Four of them are characterized by a clock frequency of 1.0 GHz. Their system uses when the gadget is basic, not too demanding tasks.

Meizu M5- ЭкранBut for complex she mounts the remaining four cores Cortex-A53 with a frequency of 1.5 GHz. They reveal the potential of the smartphone.

Meizu M5- Аппаратная платформа/Ускоритель памятиMeizu M3 and Meizu M3s the same hardware base. Even RAM of the same: 2 or 3 GB, depending on configuration. Moreover, in a model with 2 GB RAM internal memory 16 GB, 3 GB for 32 GB. Built-in reserves can be expanded by microSD, but at the expense of dvuhtonnoy.

In the benchmarks a device showed himself worthy – even in the version with 2 GB of RAM.

Meizu M5- Бенчмарк Скриншот

Meizu M5- Бенчмарк Скриншот

Meizu M5- Бенчмарк Скриншот

Meizu M5- Бенчмарк Скриншот

Meizu M5- Бенчмарк Скриншот

Meizu M5- Бенчмарк СкриншотIt’s nice that the casing under high loads are not hot. It is all merit plastic.

As for graphics, it provides a Mali-T860MP2. This is not the most advanced solution, but for budget GPU enough. On my M5 you can easily play favorite toys.

However, in difficult have to lower the graphic quality. But “odnopolchane” arcade games for Meizu M5 is what you need. And thanks to the quality of oleophobic coating, finger glides over the glass surface without leaving residue.

The smartphone supports all modern wireless communication. It will take two SIM cards (nano-SIM), the work is consistent.

But note that the slot for the SIM hybrid, and you have to choose: either dvuhtonnoy, or a lot of memory due to microSD media.

Meizu M5- Слот для симкиThe phone app is like that in any other camera manufacturer. In the tested sample was not support T9 for the Russian language. But that’s okay, because not everyone uses speed dial: sometimes it is “issues”, which is better, so to speak, to protect themselves.

But the function record telephone conversations smartphone has. Useful when is not possible to write information “dictation” or when you need to prove his innocence.

Navigation works correctly. On cold start it only takes a few seconds. GLONASS support without problems.

Meizu M5-Местоположение GPSOperating system and interface

Meizu M5-ИнтерфейсSmartphone out of the box running Android 6.0 in the original shell Flyme, radically changes the interface gadget.

Meizu M5- Скриншот ИнтерфейсThere is support wireless upgrade OTA. The interface is familiar to users of Meizu phones.

Meizu M5- Скриншот Интерфейс

Meizu M5- Скриншот Интерфейс

Meizu M5- Скриншот Интерфейс

Meizu M5- Скриншот Интерфейс

Meizu M5- Скриншот Интерфейс

Meizu M5- Скриншот Интерфейс

Meizu M5- Скриншот ИнтерфейсBranded app “Security” scans the device for viruses and helps to clear the memory from garbage. In it are data on the amount of used RAM.

Meizu M5-Фирменное приложение БезопасностьProprietary interface Flyme happy high quality optimization. Because the Meizu smartphones – even those that are not the most productive hardware, just a simple state – work stably and smoothly, as I want to any user.

Meizu M5-НастройкиHowever, if the user is not familiar with shell Flyme, will have to adapt: for example, reinterpreted the settings menu and shortcut. And it is likely that this is all he likes that he fell in love with Meizu, evaluating the accessibility and quality of what the producer does and what it can do.

Meizu M5-ОСCamera

Meizu M5- ДизайнThe smartphone has 13-megapixel main camera with a panoramic lens (F/2,2) and phase detect autofocus, pleasing both speed and accuracy, and more megapixel camera with aperture F/2.0.

Meizu M5-Глазок основной камерыThe camera app is standard for shell Flyme. There are many modes.

Meizu M5-Приложение камерыIn good light pictures are decent. If the deterioration of the lighting conditions, the quality expected is lost.

Meizu M5- Снимок

Meizu M5- Снимок

Meizu M5- Снимок

Meizu M5- Снимок

Meizu M5- Снимок

Meizu M5- Снимок

Meizu M5- Снимок

Meizu M5- Снимок

Meizu M5- Снимок

Meizu M5- Снимок

Meizu M5-Снимок

Meizu M5-Снимок

Meizu M5- Снимок

Meizu M5- Снимок

Meizu M5- Снимок

Meizu M5-Снимок

Meizu M5- Снимок

Meizu M5- Снимок

Meizu M5- Снимок

Meizu M5- Снимок

Meizu M5- Снимок

Meizu M5- Снимок

Meizu M5- Снимок

Meizu M5- СнимокFor a budget level smartphone camera is sufficient. But on phone Meizu M5 just does not pull. And it is obvious that for this gadget experienced photographers will not have my SLR.

However, for shooting food-seals-a favorite of the cameras Meizu M5 is enough.

Фронтальная камера Meizu M5- Снимок

A photo with the front camera

Battery and work offline

Meizu M5-Порт для зарядкиI would like to Express special thanks to the manufacturer for the autonomy model. Usually on a single charge, this smartphone lasts at least two days. There has been, of course, relatively modest HD resolution of the screen, and undemanding hardware, and optimized SOFTWARE.

Meizu M5- Автономная работаYes, and the battery capacity of the normal – 3070 mAh. For example, the Meizu M3 battery has 2870 mAh, Meizu M3s – 3020 mAh.

Meizu M5- Звук

Meizu M5- Звук

Meizu M5 is a durable machine. If you night forget about the usual ritual of recharging, nothing to lose: the smartphone will hold without her one more day. However, if not very much it to load. But do not worry: you will be able to use all the features that the device provides. Not only to make calls and answer calls but to watch videos, listen to music, take pictures, except that the duration of Internet surfing will have some limit

There are app for monitoring your battery consumption, which without him. It is also possible to control the power modes.

Meizu M5-Режим питания/ЭнергосбережениеIn power settings you select the performance mode. All three options are available.

The bundled power adapter – 2A. It is a pity that there is no support for fast charging. But the fault will not: Meizu M5 – not a flagship, for which it is mandatory.

Meizu M5-Комплектный адаптер питанияIn General, in terms of autonomy, the gadget is very good. It is hardy and quite thin.

Meizu M5-Разъем для зарядки Эргономика смартфонаThe package of smartphone

Meizu M5- Задняя панельBox model, as usual, of classical design. It is made of white cardboard and has a very simple printing.

The front side is indicated by the model. Marginalia – empty. Long faces show the author’s smartphone.

Meizu M5- Комплект поставкиFrom the back side of the box is a sticker with identifying information.

Meizu M5-Комплект поставкиJust box open – see the phone, protected on two sides by the conveyor tapes.

Meizu M5- Комплект поставки

Meizu M5- Комплект поставкиUnder it is a pair of boxes with a package. There are cable USB microUSB, power adapter, key to eject slot for SIM cards.

Meizu M5- Комплект поставки

Meizu M5-Комплект поставкиAnd attached technical documentation, as expected.


Meizu M5- ДизайнMeizu M5 is a well – balanced device for communication, which, with a nice price, pleased with their appearance, their capabilities, autonomy and doesn’t hurt performance.

Meizu M5- Дизайн

Meizu M5- ДизайнThe model will appeal to those users who want a modern and stable working device to those looking for good budget phone with the usual smartphone functionality.

Meizu M5-ДизайнPossible, the design of Meizu M5 can seem quite plain. The company decided to copy itself, not reinventing the wheel.

The model is very similar to the previous smartphones of the manufacturer. But she’s already with fashion now a 2.5 D glass, however unfashionable the plastic, not metal, as is now love. But it has helped the manufacturer to keep the price tag of the device reasonable: do not inflate the cost to the very heavens.

Meizu M5-Задняя панельAccessibility, by the way, is a trump card Meizu M5. And this is one of the most attractive devices for the budget segment.

Meizu M5-Цветовая гаммаView detailed information and purchase Meizu M5 2/16GB White Glacier.

View detailed information and purchase Meizu M5 2/16GB Sapphire Blue.

View detailed information and purchase Meizu M5 2/16GB Gold Champanage.

View detailed information and purchase Meizu M5 3/32GB Glacier White.

View detailed information and purchase Meizu M5 3/32GB Champanage Gold.

Meizu M5- Дизайн смартфонаPros:

+ Low price.

+ Support for two SIM-cards.

+ Good build quality.

+ Compactness.

+ Decent 5.2-inch IPS-screen with high quality oleophobic coating.

+ Sensitive proprietary fingerprint scanner.

+ Correct navigation.

+ Stability.

+ Lack of body heat for large and long loads.

+ Good endurance.

+ Variety of configurations and colors.


– A modest HD resolution of the screen.

Hybrid slot for the second SIM card and the microSD memory card.

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