Graphic editor Microsoft Paint will soon become history

Графический редактор Microsoft Paint скоро станет историей

The developers do not consider it appropriate to continue to support the Paint, considering it is obsolete in our progressive reality. Microsoft has already submitted a list of programs that will be in the next update to Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and Paint above.

Everyone who ever installed Windows, sooner or later learned that among the many programs there are and graphics editor. It existed with the first version of the OS, released in 1985. Of course, the editor is not characterized by a great functionality, but the existing tools are enough to work. In Paint, you can draw, insert a picture, cropped the images, tagging. But now this functionality will impose on other programs, and usual Paint “off the books”. New Paint 3D with support for the creation of three-dimensional images may be replacing the outdated graphics program, but so far there is not enough functional, as noted by users.

Графический редактор Microsoft Paint скоро станет историей

In the updated version of Windows will also tools to create a system backup (SIB), Windows PowerShell 2.0 can disappear Outlook Express used to handle mail-Reader App that opens (it’s built in to the browser Edge), 3D Builder (the functionality will be available in 3D Paint). The changes will come into effect with the autumn update to Windows 10.

Source: Microsoft

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