In Windows Store appeared OS Ubuntu (3 photos)

В Windows Store появилась ОС Ubuntu (3 фото)

Representatives of Microsoft reported that the most common distribution of Linux can now be downloaded from the Windows Store. In updating to Windows 10 Anniversary Update added support binaries for Ubuntu, as well as integrated command-line shell Bash.

Among the disadvantages of Ubuntu until recently, users had identified the number of available apps. In addition, claims to the system there was none: she works fast and has a nice, intuitive interface. Now all the problems will solve themselves. Soon in the app store from Microsoft is also a version for Suse and Fedora.

В Windows Store появилась ОС Ubuntu (3 фото)

В Windows Store появилась ОС Ubuntu (3 фото)

Windows developers claim that now all the programs for Linux can be run directly under the OS, without work in Wine. This long-standing war systems may be over.

Source: Windows Store

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