14076 Microsoft stopped supporting updates to Windows Phone 8.1
Microsoft stopped supporting updates to Windows Phone 8.1

Microsoft stopped supporting updates to Windows Phone 8.1

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Microsoft прекращает поддержку обновлений Windows Phone 8.1

From July 11, 2017 Microsoft completes the main support for the operating system Windows Phone 8.1. Earlier, in the first days of July, users with Windows RT, Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1 have been disconnected from Skype. Among the smart phones under Windows OS version Windows Phone 8.1 used by more than 70 percent of the users. At the same time the number of smartphones running Windows, it takes only 1.5 to 2 percent of the total number of smartphones.

Clearly Microsoft is sticking to its promises made with the release of smartphones, managed Windows Phone 8.1. In the company blog has the following statement to users: “Microsoft will make updates available for the operating system, including security patches, for at least 36 months after the date of the beginning of the life cycle. These updates will be incremental and each subsequent update will be built on the previous. Customers will need to install every update to keep the latest version. The distribution of these additional patches can be controlled by the mobile operator or the smartphone manufacturer from whom you purchased your unit, so they need to install prior updates. Availability of updates will vary by country, region and hardware capabilities”.

Thus, considering that the operating system Windows Phone 8.1 was presented on 24 June 2014, 36 months have expired three weeks ago, and Microsoft had the opportunity to opt out of the global updates to the OS. At the same time, updates for the security of the system will continue.

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