Microsoft Surface Book 2 distressed craftsmen iFixit (10 photos + video)

Microsoft Surface Book 2 огорчил мастеров iFixit (10 фото + видео)

The experts at repair shop iFixit has studied the 13.5-inch version of the new hybrid tablet from Microsoft, presented in the middle of last month. According to the test results , the Surface Book 2 only got 1 point out of a possible 10 on a scale of maintainability of the resource.

Inside the body of the tablet part of the 13.5-inch models are efficiently bonded a large amount of glue, which will somewhat complicate the disassembly. The CPU and RAM soldered to the motherboard, which must be removed for access to other components. In the case of an upgrade, you can only change the SSD. Safety glass is a part of the display module, so if you need replacement will have to face several technical difficulties, because to disassemble without damaging the components is extremely difficult and rather impossible.

To get to the contents of the docking keyboard, you need to thoroughly warm up the rear panel, but it is risky because it also installed a battery, securely fixed with glue. Thus, Microsoft implemented a way of linking and fastening parts looks bad from the point of view of repair.

Recall that in the basic version of this model in the US is $1499.

Below the result was only a Microsoft Surface Laptop. The specialists gave him zero points: to disassemble the model without damaging any parts.

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