HP refuses mobile platform Microsoft

НР отказывается от мобильной платформы Microsoft

The reorientation of the mobile platform from Microsoft with the development of its own operating system to interact with iOS and Android led to the failure of the manufacturer NR from further release of smartphones running Windows 10 Mobile. However, the already released flagship Elite X3 can turn into a PC or laptop will continue to work on Windows, and HP would stop supporting models in 2019.

Position HP explained at the Venice conference, Canalys Channels Forum in 2017 the head of the Corporation Nick Lazaridis (Nick Lazaridis), who noted that the change of strategy of Microsoft was forced to change production and research plans MS: “Without the technical and information support Microsoft to continue to use the mobile version of Windows 10 does not make sense, as HP has no OS”.

The head of HP said that previously the company was the production and research ideas regarding the support for the development of the flagship Elite X3. However, with the change in the position of Microsoft has changed and plans NR. Now the company will focus on sales of the remnants of the Elite X3.

НР отказывается от мобильной платформы Microsoft

The change of strategy of Microsoft is to move away from further development of the mobile version of Windows. The company will focus on working with Android and iOS software by issuing Microsoft Launcher, the beta version is already available for testing in the Google Play store. However, there is talk that Microsoft is working on a full Windows 10 with responsive shell.

Source: windowscentral.com

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