11337 The last update of Windows 10 "Kirpicheva" gadgets

The last update of Windows 10 “Kirpicheva” gadgets

Последнее обновление Windows 10 «окирпичивает» гаджеты

As a result of providing all participants of the program Windows Insider unfinished version updates 16212 for Windows 10, there are serious problems with the mobile gadgets. When you install the “raw” version of the update starts spontaneous cyclic restart of system startup, thereby turning the device into “bricks.”

The program Windows Insider works in 2014 and is designed for a preliminary test of the produced builds of the operating system to prevent unpleasant situations similar to what happened with 16212. All supplied as part of testing for participants of the Insider build OS updates are not intended for installation at the main device due to possible errors.

To deal with cyclic restart is possible only after rolling back the system using the Windows phone Recovery Toolthat will lead to the loss of data, but will restore the performance of mobile devices. After all users have to re-subscribe to the program Windows Insider.

Corporation Microsoft in its official blog, apologized for the incident, and those who have not yet installed the Assembly 16212, strongly recommends to refrain from updating. Problems with desktop systems with the new firmware has not yet occurred.

Source: theverge.com, windows.com

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