Surface from Microsoft: calculated – tears (3 photos)

Устройства Surface от Microsoft: подсчитали - прослезились (3 фото)

The situation is really reminiscent of a famous saying: danced, had fun, counted – to tears. And all thanks to the resonance of the publication of the authoritative expert publication Consumer Reports, which published the data about the unreliability of tablets and laptops Microsoft Surface. And although Microsoft does not agree with such findings, we must acknowledge that the problems with these devices – are not uncommon. This is evidenced by an internal document of the company, which provides data on the statistics of the return Surface, which is obtained by the browser edition Paul Carratu thanks to another leak from the corporate giant.

Устройства Surface от Microsoft: подсчитали - прослезились (3 фото)


According to these data, the share of return notebook Surface Book reached 17%, and the level of such returns for about six months was above 10%. Other devices it was lower. So, for Surface Pro 4 high returns have reached 16%, but then quickly dropped to less than 10%, and for Surface Pro 3 — 11% and soon dropped to 5-6 %.

The head of one of divisions of Microsoft Surface Panos Panay called the opinion of Consumer Reports is very painful, but acknowledged that it will be a stimulus to the improvement of devices and the increasing concentration on the interests of our clients.

Устройства Surface от Microsoft: подсчитали - прослезились (3 фото)


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