8868 Windows 10's — the alternative is Crome OS from Microsoft (3 photos)

Windows 10’s — the alternative is Crome OS from Microsoft (3 photos)

Windows 10 S — альтернатива Crome OS от Microsoft (3 фото)

In an effort to keep up with in the face of rival Google, Microsoft has introduced a new version of the operating system — Windows 10 S. the product is designed for the education sector — teachers and students as well as higher and secondary educational institutions. The assurances of the developer, announced the operating system boots in just 15 seconds, which is two times faster with Windows 10 Pro. In addition, Windows 10’s is focused on affordable cheap PC with a not too productive “iron”.

Windows 10 S — альтернатива Crome OS от Microsoft (3 фото)

High performance protects its own security system that restricts access to the device by third-party software. Download and install it on your computer now you can only depend on software listed in the Windows Store and packaged in a certain way. This means that the new system will not support applications downloaded from third-party sources. Note that in Windows 10, Microsoft’s browser interface will be the default priority, although the download and use of alternatives is allowed. Search engine here too “native” — Bing, and not Google.

Another interesting possibility, which certainly will be appreciated by users — quick transfer of settings from one device to another. The teacher or teacher acting in the role of administrator, it is sufficient to use a standard flash drive to rid the computers of their students and pupils from unnecessary applications and functions. The rest of Windows 10 S no different from the classic Windows 10.

Until the end of the year the platform will be installed on school devices with the official Windows 10 Pro absolutely for free. In addition, users are offered a free subscription to an educational application.

Windows 10 S — альтернатива Crome OS от Microsoft (3 фото)

Microsoft has already signed contracts with electronics manufacturers Acer, ASUS, Samsung, Dell, HP, Fujitsu and Toshiba. From mid-summer to sell around the world will be a portable computers of these brands are running Windows 10 S. If desired, the owners of the PC with the new OS will be able to upgrade to the new version Windows 10 Pro for $50 (only up to end of 2017). After the device will switch to Windows 10 Pro, back to Windows 10’s would be impossible.

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