25087 YouTube Red & Google Play Music Offering 4-Month Trials
YouTube Red & Google Play Music Offering 4-Month Trials

YouTube Red & Google Play Music Offering 4-Month Trials

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Web content giant Google is currently giving away four month long free trials for Google Play Music and YouTube Red. The two services are tied together, which means that going to the source link and signing up for the four month free trial of Google Play Music will thus net you four free months of YouTube Red, though keep in mind you will need to sign into your Google account for this offer to show up and it will only show up if you haven’t already redeemed it once before.. You can also reach the deal by heading through the Shop option in Google Play Music. Trying to get the deal through the YouTube Red signup page, meanwhile, will get you only three free months of both services. No matter which portal you go to, the deal is only on offer for single-user plans. Those wanting to purchase a family plan will only be able to access the two month free trial that’s normally available.

As a refresher, signing up for Google Play Music Unlimited will get you exactly what the name implies; you’ll have unlimited access to the whole library of music published to the Google Play platform, and you’ll have it on demand. You’ll be able to stream any songs you want, and download them to your device to enjoy offline. A YouTube Red account, meanwhile, grants users access to all of the original premium shows and movies that Google has made in collaboration with popular YouTube stars. Perhaps most importantly, buying into these services will remove any and all advertising. This means that music buffs can enjoy their YouTube Mix playlists without ads between videos, and those who like to use Google Play Music’s radio stations to find new music or listen to auto-pilot mixes centered around their favorite artists can now do so without having to listen to ads.

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Google Play Music Unlimited and YouTube Red cost $9.99 per month, which means that a four month free trial will save customers $40. You can cancel the trial any time you like, but you do have to enter in billing information. Like nearly all free trials, this one will automatically bill you once the trial period is over, unless you cancel the service during that time. There are no penalties for cancellation at any point, but you won’t be eligible for any future free trials or promotional pricing. Those offers only apply to brand new, first-time subscribers.

YouTube Red & Google Play Music Offering 4-Month Trials

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