Shows the first PC on the Russian processor “Elbrus 8S” (3 photos)

Показаны первые ПК на российском процессоре «Эльбрус 8С» (3 фото)

Domestic Corporation Ruselectronics has organized the presentation of the first examples of personal computers and servers that run on microprocessors “Elbrus-8S”. They will be equipped with equipment of private enterprises and government agencies, where there is an acute issue of cybersecurity.

The event was held in Tatarstan’s Innopolis. Here, the experts said that the first PC will be available to users later this summer, and the serial production of 2 – and 4-processor servers based on “Elbrus-8S” starts closer to winter. New servers designed to handle large amounts of information, including real-time.

Показаны первые ПК на российском процессоре «Эльбрус 8С» (3 фото)

As emphasized by the developers, the new technology has increased productivity and provides users high level of data protection. OCTA core chip with a clock frequency of 1.3 GHz is produced using 28 nm. Performance of 250 gigaflops on operations with single precision. Compared to the “Elbrus-4C”, the peak performance of the new processor above 3-5 times, bandwidth of the I / o — 8 times.

Показаны первые ПК на российском процессоре «Эльбрус 8С» (3 фото)

Technical characteristics of the electronics are impressive: eight-core processor 1.3 GHz, 4 or 16 MB of RAM, depending on configuration. The power of the PC is 250 gigaflops under the condition of performing the operation in single precision.

Technique will work on the operating system “Elbrus”, built on the basis of kernel Linux will be able to keep multiple applications open source. Platform Elbrus-8S system is provided binary compatibility with binary codes x86/x86-64. Enables development of application software, tests for self-diagnosis equipment.

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